About Industrial Services

Industrial Services Europe s.r.o. offers professional welders, pipefitters, grinders, technicians, locksmiths, builders, tile layers, electricians, painters and cleaners to assist you in your industry all over the European Union. Our goal is to satisfy customers who demand the highest quality of work performed. We will provide you not just with an affordable and flexible workforce, but you will also gain a reliable partner for your current and future projects. Our database consists of 25,000 workers which allows us to provide the right workers in short notice.


We offer our services in the form of employee leasing. This system is widely adopted all over the world and offers our clients several benefits:

  • Flexibility
  • No extra costs when projects get canceled
  • Possibility of piece pricing or project pricing


We take care about the following issues:

  • Selecting and testing of the selected specialists
  • Reimbursement of the holiday, sickness leave or vacations
  • Work permits
  • Accommodation
  • Transportation