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Our technicians will always be at your service when you need them. We provide our clients with quality technical services at a competitive prices regardless of the type of job. The technicians in our portfolio can deliver many day-to-day tasks, including:

  • simple and complicated repairs of factory equipment and industrial machinery
  • electrical and mechanical repairs
  • production and equipment maintance
  • standard machinery setup and repairs such as manual grinders, saws, pneumatic hammers etc.

Our reliable personnel will always find a way out of every complication, even from the most desperate ones. They are trained to provide customers with fast and appropriate results. Our technicians are not afraid to solve any type of problem.



We deliver tested and certified Technicians all around the World in short notice. Tell us more about your upcoming projects so we can set up meeting at requested location. We will provide you with personal service and will take care of the whole process.

  •     Selecting and testing of the certified welders
  •     Work permits
  •     Accommodation
  •     Transportation
  •     Supply of equipped technicians to your location