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Certified welders with European welding and safety certification standards. Our flexible welders have 2 - 25 years of experience in welding.


We have the biggest database of welders with different types of welding certification in Slovak and Czech republic!



Top quality of work is very important to us, therefore we test every new welder at our testing facility in Slovakia. We deliver teams with or without equipment, depending on the request.


Our welding certification is the following:

MIG MAG welding

  • 131, 135, 136, 138 welding certification

 TIG welding

  • 141, 142 welding certification  

STICK welding

  • 111, 121 welding certification


We specialize in:

  •          Aluminum welding
  •          Stainless steel welding
  •          Steel welding
  •          Carbon steel welding
  •          Inox welding
  •          Polyethylene welding


We offer welders for the following industries:

  •          Metal industry welders
  •          Ship industry welders
  •          Food industry welders
  •          Pharmaceutical industry welders
  •          Petrochemical industry welders
  •          Agricultural industry welders
  •          Building industry welders
  •          Automotive industry welders
  •          Tank welders
  •          Pressure tank welders


  • Constructions welders
  • Bridge welders
  • Machinery welders
  • Pipe welders
  • Small and big parts from all types of materials



We are European welding company with welders and welding equipment in Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Sweeden, Finland.

All of our welders are SCC certified with the highest safety certification standards.

Tell us more about your upcoming projects so we can set up a meeting at the requested location. We will provide you with personal service and will take care of the whole process.


Selecting and testing of the prefered specialists

Work permits



Supply of equipped professionals to your requested location